Rivet Wedge-Lock Shelving

Buy Industrial, Boltless, Rivet Shelving from Republic!

Republic's Wedge-Lock Shelf Framing Systems provide economical and versatile storage solutions for retail stockrooms, auto parts centers and archive store rooms. Primary framing members snap together for easy assembly without bolts, rivets or other fasteners. Shelves are accessible from all four sides because no cross-bracing is required. Posts and beams are roll-formed from 14-gauge steel. They are finished with a heavy coat of baked enamel.

Standard units provide sturdy, basic storage at an affordable price for commercial or industrial applications.

Bulk storage units offer larger shelf areas than standard units, making them ideal for storing large or odd-sized items. The wide range of shelf sizes and capacities, combined with the option of adding extra shelves, permits design of a bulk shelving system ideal for specific needs.

High-capacity bulk shelving units can carry up to two-and-a-half times the shelf load of regular bulk units. Extra shelves can be added for more storage area.

Archive units provide high-density storage of 12" by 15" by 10" document boxes. With no cross-bracing required, these units offer double-face entry for easy storage and retrieval.

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